A Shot in the Dark? Annual Roof Maintenance stops the impact of bullet holes

Our repair technicians service hundreds of commercial roofs every year. While every roof repair is different, many fall within similar categories/causes of roof leaks.

The most common causes include aging and deteriorating roof systems, debris, wildlife, and mechanical damage.

However, many of our customers are surprised to hear about a NEW culprit for roof leaks: bullet holes. Bullet-related roof damage (i.e. punctures, holes, and splits) has become increasingly common during our inspections and repair calls.

This is typically the result of “stray” bullets being fired into the air. We find them most common in downtown areas, somewhat “off the beaten path.”

While the cause of this damage may seem more alarming than the damage itself, a small, bullet-sized hole can be the catalyst for much larger issues.

Take a common membrane roof system: the impact from the bullet can break through the top layer of the roof allowing moisture to seep into your roof’s insulation layer. Over time, the insulation acts like a sponge, slowly becoming saturated from the point of entry (the bullet hole). Though it is often a slow process, within a few years, this small problem has gone from an easy repair job to a larger restoration (and possible replacement) project.

Problems such as these can be caught early, and further damage prevented, with regular roof inspections and maintenance.

Annual roof maintenance can seem like a “shot in the dark” (no pun intended) to some building owners. Meaning, on some maintenance visits, youmay find that your roof is in great condition, with no real issues or points of concern. While on others, you may find significant damage.

But wouldn’t it best to know for sure?

What does annual maintenance include?

A thorough roof inspection and maintenance program will include a general cleaning of the entire roof; removal of debris from drains, gutters, and downspouts; and minor repairs of holes, cracks, exposed seams, etc. throughout the field of roof.

Quality contractors will also provide a photo report with the findings of their inspection and ratings on the condition of the roof.

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