Your commercial roof is exposed to endless possibilities for damage! When roof leaks occur, call our Repair and Maintenance Division or fill out the service request form!

Our services include everything from minor patches to full Roof Replacement on all  flat commercial roof types. We also offer Annual Maintenance programs–perfect for Property Management Firms, Facilities and Maintenance Managers and busy Building Owners. Continue reading to learn more!

Leaking Roof? Request a Repair!

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The causes of leaks are numerous: weather, mechanical damage, vandalism, animals, and more! Our technicians are trained to identify and fix any problem you might have and prevent future ones from occurring. A regularly-scheduled Maintenance plan includes:

1. Clear debris 

2. Repair tears, splits and punctures 

3. Secure rooftop equipment 

4. Clear blockages from drains, downspouts or gutters

5. Check flashings

6. Looking for ponding water 

Bi-annual maintenance is highly encouraged to keep your roof performing for the life of it’s warranty and beyond! See more information about our Annual Maintenance Service, STAMP, HERE!

Do your gutters look like this?

You need a Preventative Maintenance Program!