Valley Gutter Repair | Metal Roof



Leaking valley gutter on metal roof.

Spray polyurethane foam and coating to seal and facilitate drainage in valley gutter.



  • Tore out existing EPDM membrane patches inside internal valley gutters.
  • Pressure-washed valley gutters and tie-in areas to remove all loose dirt and debris.  
  • Grind/wire-brushed applicable fasteners and lap seams/transitions.
  • Tightened and/or replaced all loose/missing fasteners within areas of repair.  
  • Sprayed epoxy primer over valley gutter surfaces and tied-in areas to enhance foam/coating adhesion.  
  • Sprayed polyurethane foam at an average thickness of 2” to seal and facilitate drainage in said valley gutter and tie into existing roof system.  
  • Reinforced all transition edges using reinforced silicone coating and fabric.
  • Sprayed two coats of high-solids silicone coating over newly-sprayed foam.  
  • Broadcasted 3M ceramic granules into wet silicone top-coat.
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