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Owen Electric - Spray-Tec

Owen Electric Roof Restoration | Before

Who among us hasn’t seen one of those old, stone-covered ballasted roofs and wondered, “Who came up with that idea?” What is the benefit of a rock roof? They’re becoming far less common these days and the business of restoring these membranes is booming! Thankfully, that happens to be our specialty! See how we did it for Owen Electric.

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With the help of RK Hydrovac, our crews started to wet vac and remove all the gravel before pressure washing the entire surface. Next, they laid 1/2 inch wood fiber board over the existing roof membrane to increase it’s structural strength. 1.5 inches of Gaco Roof Foam was sprayed over the new surface and up the parapet walls. After finishing with 2 layers of silicone coating, they broadcasted ceramic granules to act as a “no slip” solution (which looks and acts a lot like a shingle!) for walking on the roof.

Owen Electric is an active business with customers and employees in and out of the building all day. Our operations require minimal set up/staging and offer little to no disruption to the business’ daily activities – one of the many reasons spray applications are superior to other restorative systems. The customer received a 15-year renewable warranty on their new Spray-Tec Roof.

Scope of Work

spray foam walkpads

Owen Electric Roof Restoration | After

  1. Wet-vac and properly dispose of all loose gravel, dirt and debris on entire roof section.
  2. Tear off all loose/deteriorated flashings.
  3. Mechanically-fasten ½” wood fiber board over existing roofing membrane.
  4. Spray polyurethane foam at a nominal thickness of 1.5” over entire roof surface, including up parapet walls.
  5. Seal parapet coping cap joints using silicone sealant.
  6. Spray base coat of silicone coating over newly installed polyurethane foam.
  7. Spray top coat of silicone coating over base coat.
  8. Broadcast 3M ceramic granules into wet top coat of silicone.
  9. Install fluid-applied walkway around HVAC unit.

Download this Case Study as a PDF


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