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In honor of National Bourbon Day (June 14), we wanted to spotlight some of the finest Kentucky bourbon distilleries we’ve had the privilege of insulating! From tanks to caves, each site has been exceptionally unique; yet all have one very important thing in common…spray foam! Oh, and bourbon…

Four Roses | Lawrenceburg, KY 

To insulate these Process Water Tanks we had to complete the following tasks:

– Thoroughly clean (pressure blast) tank’s exterior. 

– Sprayed epoxy primer over entire surface area (top, bottom and sides).

– Spray closed cell foam over entire surface area to encapsulate/insulate tanks.

– Spray two coats elastomeric coating to protect the newly installed foam.

Learn more about Four Roses here:

Jeptha Creed | Shelbyville, KY

Photo courtesy of Jeptha Creed

Although known primarily for their moonshine, Jeptha Creed has recently released their first barrel of bourbon (read about it here). When we completed this project, that bourbon was still aging and another four years away from making it’s debut. 

For this project we:

– Sprayed closed cell polyurethane foam to seal and insulate all exterior walls and the underside of the roof deck in the warehouse and production area. 

– Sprayed thermal barrier coating (to meet building code requirement) over the newly-sprayed polyurethane foam on the walls and roof deck in the warehouse and production area.

– Black out ceiling. 

Photo courtesy of Courier Journal

Check out that ceiling! “Blackout ceilings” are becoming increasingly popular for restaurants, retail outlets and even homes! Interested? Ask us for more information!

And check out Jeptha Creed on their website:

Jim Beam | Clermont, KY

Not the largest project we’ve ever done…but still worth noting! Our crews insulated the front section of the distillery’s Maintenance Building. First they sprayed epoxy primer over rusted areas to enhance adhesion before spraying closed cell polyurethane foam to seal and insulate the underside of the metal deck and roof- to-wall junction. 

Visit the distillery’s website here:

Maker’s Mark | Loretto, KY

Before this project, Maker’s Mark Distillers began making a specialty batch of bourbon called Maker’s 46. They found that to perfect the taste, the bourbon needed to be housed in a cold environment (50 degrees and below) for 9 weeks. In Kentucky, that can be hard to come by even in the winter, let alone year round. They decided that a temperature controlled building would be the best way to ensure a perfect batch all year long. They carved the building from a natural limestone shelf in a hillside located on part of the distillery’s 1,000 acre grounds.

The Maker’s Mark 46 Cellar

Spray foam insulation served a unique purpose in this project. First and foremost, for its insulation value in accomplishing their desired temperatures, and also for its physical characteristics (in that it can conform to many different shapes). Spray-Tec crews were tasked with making the foam application look like rocks…particularly limestone. After all the foam was painted gray, the walls and ceilings actually looked like a real limestone cave/cellar. 

Spray Foam Magazine wrote an article about this project. Read it here:

Learn more about Maker’s Mark here:

Woodford Reserve | Versailles, KY

Photo courtesy of Woodford Reserve

We worked with General Contractor, Kelley Construction, on this renovation of an existing building and construction of a new addition. We were tasked with spraying open cell polyurethane foam to the underside of the building’s roof deck to insulate their new offices. 

Visit Woodford Reserve’s website here:

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