The Spray-Tec Difference

Marketing a commercial roofing company can be challenging at times. It seems this industry in particular is met with a lot of confused looks when we try to explain our services. It is kind of confusing–“Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing and Insulation for Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings.” It takes people a minute. Especially with the name Spray-Tec.


My favorite question so far has been, “Do you all do spray-tans?”sprayteclogoweb


“No, we do commercial roofing.”




She was so disappointed. I feel like selling spray-tans would be way easier.

After reading and thinking about all the possible marketing strategies we could use, I decided I just wanted to be honest. It’s a trait we try to foster every day at Spray-Tec…why not just be flat-out honest in our marketing efforts?

So here it goes.


We have the best product there is for commercial roofs and insulation. Spray foam can’t be beat if you want something that lasts forever and gives 100% no matter what conditions it’s in. Ask anyone!


It can be expensive. The square footage price is sometimes higher than single ply roofing and varying foam thickness requirements makes it hard to give a set number without seeing the job. It’s not a cut and dry price–it varies based on the project.


Roofing Contractors

Our Owners

Our team is incredibly passionate about what they do. Yes, I said passionate about commercial roofing. It started out as a personal mission for our owners to sell quality roof/insulation systems and provide incredible customer service no matter what. After 27 years, that mission has trickled down into every division: sales, operations, production and ESPECIALLY marketing! I truly believe that we have the best product and best team who applies it. Our current customers can also attest to that.


Because we are completely committed to quality, our prices reflect that. We want to provide enough time, labor and materials to get the job done right the first time. Sometimes that takes more time and money than your average roofing company or insulator.


Our service is an investment. It’s a simple fact when you own or work in a building you’re going to have some upkeep. Just because you can’t SEE your roof doesn’t mean it’s exempt from this.  


It can be kind of pain! It seems like unnecessary amounts of money being spent on a ROOF when you have a hundred other things to worry about….namely, making MONEY! It’s easy and most convenient to say, “Slap a roof on there for as cheap as you can and let me get back to what I need to do.” We understand that.We always try to work within your budget–no matter the size of the job–but sometimes it ends up being higher than our competitors.


Sprayer Louisville

We love our view!

It’s worth the inconvenience. You’ll quickly see the return on your investment: with the money you saved from not installing a sub-par roof system by a less than qualified contracting company; by the energy savings due to reduced heating and cooling costs; and by the potential rebate you can receive through your city’s Cool Roof program. AND with our preventative maintenance and repair division, we make roofs last even longer. Preventative Maintenance twice a year makes sure all the common roof deviants (leaks, debris, hail damage, etc.) are kept in check, protecting your investment.


We offer services that other (larger) roofing companies don’t. If you can’t afford a new roof right now, we have other options for you. For example:

Renewable Roofing: we put our system over your existing roof. That takes away the added costs of tear off, labor, materials, etc. that come with a new roof system.

Preventative Maintenance: this can save you thousands of dollars just by having us come out and check on your roof-once every two seasons. Depending on the weather, you’ll likely be calling us anyway; so let us save you time by keeping you on our schedule. Then you really don’t have to think about it at all!

– Repairs: if you can’t replace your entire roof, we have a repair division that can keep you patched up for a while. Our products and installation are superior to those you can get at your local hardware store for  a quick fix. Our repairs can hold you over until you’re ready to make the bigger investment.

In other words, we won’t try to sell you on something that you either 1) don’t need or 2) can’t afford. Part of our mission is to build relationships around the community. We’re a local company–everybody who works here lives here, too–so we just want to do our part to contribute to this city and this state. Commercial roofing is our niche, but something else is yours and we want to build a relationship with you to see how we can work together. That’s what makes the world go round!


I hope our personalities shine through my marketing efforts and that you see a unique team that performs a quality service.  Spray-Tec is different because we’re More than a Roofing Contractor!

Thank you for reading,