Spray-Tec Helps Rockets Baseball Defeat Cold Temperatures

The Shelby County High School Baseball Team found themselves in a predicament this winter: their uninsulated indoor batting cage was so cold it was causing bats to fracture.

“It was actually colder inside the building than it was outside,” Coach Daniel Bentley said.

Heating the facility with an electric heater is prohibited and the team’s budget is tight. The Coach had a problem to solve: he proposed spray foam insulation to parent and former coach, Jason Whisman, who referred him to Spray-Tec.

Spray-Tec, a local roofing and insulation contractor located in Shelbyville for 28 years, was happy to oblige.“I’m a former baseball player,” Spray-Tec estimator Anthony Palmer said, “so of course I wanted to help out.”

After a quick, two-day installation, the team was back and ready to practice in their new temperature-controlled facility.

“Thanks to the new insulation we are able to heat the building with minimal effort and utilize the space more often. This has benefited our players tremendously as we have multiple players who like to use the facility in the early morning before school.”

A snow fall tested Spray-Tec’s installation the following day: they hit a home run.

“The work was performed professionally and the Spray-Tec employees were a pleasure to work with,” Coach Bentley said.

Roger Jordan, owner of Spray-Tec commented, “We love calling Shelby County home and working alongside our neighbors. We just can’t wait to see the team play. Go Rockets!”