The STAMP Mission

Our mission is to service commercial roofs annually; to ensure long-term performance; and to offer value through cost savings and reduced headaches for building owners and property managers. STAMP is an affordable service designed to maintain relationships with our customers for the life of their roof…and beyond!

Two men repairing a commercial roof

STAMP adds years of life to your roof with regular repairs.


Our technicians inspect your roof twice a year — in the spring and in the fall — paying close attention to the most common sources of leaks: clogged gutters, minor splits or punctures, missing or loose fasteners, mechanical damage, and more.

As knowledgeable commercial roofing professionals, our team has experience repairing and maintaining roofs of all types, all ages, and in various conditions.

Annual maintenance reduces the number of repair trips in a years time.

Man repairs a vent on the side of a building

Providing excellent service is a Spray-Tec value.


Our techs will clean the roof of all debris that can cause leaks and identify patterns that could be causing wear and tear on the roof: such as heavy traffic or materials left from other trades.

A “trained eye” allows our team to identify issues and solutions in a quick and efficient manner. We don’t spend extensive amounts of time on your roof and work on a time + materials basis.

Our repair materials are designed to perform long term; they are durable, watertight, and of higher quality than conventional products like asphalt tar or inferior caulking sealants.


Two men repairing a roof on a building

Maintain the integrity of your roof.

Maintenance protects your roof: keeping it watertight and within warranty requirements.

Our team will make minor repairs and alert you of “trouble spots” that could become larger issues in the future.

You will receive a photo report on the roof’s condition after each inspection. Reading our Maintenance Report can be the extent of your “interaction” with your roof. No climbing ladders, no cleaning of gutters…let us “worry” about your roof so you don’t have to!

Annual maintenance is a smart investment with long-term benefits for your commercial building (and your budget!).

We want to partner with you!

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