Roof Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

If you own or manage commercial property, you likely have a long list of routine maintenance items to manage, like this checklist here.

Roof maintenance is usually at the bottom of lists like these!

By the time you or your Maintenance Department can get around to a roof inspection, it’s either too cold, too hot or raining…not really an ideal time to throw up a ladder, get safety set up and thoroughly inspect the roof (or multiple roofs if you’re in charge of more than one property or buildings on a campus).

On top of that, inspections are fruitless if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

Here are a couple of tips from our Repair and Maintenance Division for how to maximize your time performing a basic Roof Inspection.

  1. Clean the entire roof surface first! This is your best bet for identifying leaks and you would be suprised by the type (and amount!) of debris that can accumulate on a roof overtime.
  2. Check “common culprits” of roof leaks: around HVAC units, pipe penetrations, scuppers, drains, valleys, skylight seams and wall flashings.
  3. Clean and inspect gutters and drains; these are often the source of ponding water and can cause a lot of damage long term.
  4. Think ahead! What are the recurring “trends” of damage you see on your roof? A common example: if your building is surrounded by trees, cut off the limbs that are closest to the roof. Tree branches and leaves can cause serious damage to your roof over time.

Bonus tip: Be aware of who is on your roof at all times and inspect it after mechanical repairs. Log this information in case you need it in the future. If you can not inspect your roof directly after mechanical repairs take place, put a reminder on your calendar and do not wait long! Mechanical damage is THE most common cause of leaks; the longer you wait to repair them, the more damage the leaks can cause.

This is why preventative maintenance and inspections are a MUST! Prevent current leaks from causing more damage and future leaks from occurring at all.

If you simply do not have the time or energy to invest in roof maintenance, seek roofing professionals: experienced Commercial Roofers can provide timely response, thorough & knowledgeable inspections, and successful repairs. Great companies will provide an inspection report with photos for your records (note: the bonus tip we mentioned earlier!).

We tailor maintenance programs to fit you and your building’s needs (why pay for something you don’t need?). Our customers love this service and many have participated in our bi-annual Preventative Maintenance Program for years.

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