BUZZWORD ALERT: The Monolithic Seal

If you have followed us on social media or browsed our website for even a short amount of time, you have likely come across one of our favorite buzzwords: “the monolithic seal”. In it’s origin, monolithic describes a structure made of one large, singular stone. To us, it’s one of our roofing system’s most unique differentiators.

Conventional roofing systems almost exclusively involve installing multiple layers of roofing material and mechanically adhering the seams where those layers overlap. Consider metal roofs, where multiple metal panels overlap and the seams are fastened together. As these roofs age, the seams weaken and splits/cracks occur, and the fasteners begin to back out — resulting in a compromised roof system and leaks.

When spray-applied roofing systems are properly installed over aging roofs, the spray foam and/or coating create a single, uniform seal across the entire roof surface. All seams, cracks, and crevices are covered in a seamless layer that creates an air and water tight barrier. Eliminating the mechanically adhered opportunities for “failure” reduces the risk of widespread leaks, energy loss, and ongoing roof degradation.

Coatings can restore all roof types and offer 10, 15, and 20 year renewable warranties. See if your roof is a good candidate for restoration.

Ridge Cap Sealed with Spray Foam and Coating

Ridge caps + seams are a common source of both air and water infiltration.

Spray-applied roof foam and coating create a complete barrier, sealing all gaps and seams and protecting buildings from leaks and energy loss.

Spray Foam Insulation Also Creates a Monolithic Seal

Spray foam also offers a “monolithic seal” for wall cavities, ceilings, and the underside of roof decks. Spray insulation offers immense value: including ease of installation, the highest R-value, and a complete air barrier. Moreover, closed-cell spray foam creates a vapor barrier, completely sealing commercial buildings and eliminating both air and water movement. Air and/or vapor barriers are the result of the foam’s monolithic seal of all cracks and crevices.


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