Energy Savings are COOL: The Benefits of Cool Roofing Systems

As outside temperatures begin to soar higher and higher, building utilities skyrocket in an effort to meet the demand of cooling commercial spaces and their occupants. In downtown environments, urban heat islands are only exacerbating the issue. Urban heat islands occur “when cities replace natural land cover with dense concentrations of pavement, buildings, and other surfaces that absorb and retain heat.” This impacts energy costs (e.g., air conditioning), air pollution levels, and heat-related illnesses (Source: EPA).

Could a roofing system be a possible solution to the inefficient use of energy in commercial buildings? Cool Roof Systems follow the same logic as wearing light colored clothing on a hot day: light colors reflect more sunlight, resulting in less solar energy absorption and lower surface temperatures. A light colored and/or reflective roof system can not only lower the temperature in and around your facility, but it can save money in overall energy usage.

Spray-Tec’s roof coating systems offer “cool roof” benefits, including: high reflectivity, UV stability, and, of course, water tightness. With routine maintenance, our roofing systems can perform for 20+ years, all the while reducing energy costs and “paying for themselves”!

Traditional Roof System Temperature
Cool Roof System Temperature

Built-Up or EPDM Roofing Systems: absorb more UV rays, increasing the building’s temperature and requiring more energy to cool their interior spaces.

Spray-Applied Roof Coating Systems: are often gray or white and offer high reflectivity; thus lowering energy costs and keeping facilities cooler.

Cool Roof Rebates

According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, multiple state governments have developed programs designed to incentivize property owners to install cool roof systems and mitigate the affects of urban heat islands.

In Louisville, Kentucky, “the Office of Sustainability offers $1 per square foot of new or retrofit cool roofs for non-residential properties (the maximum incentive being $5,000 for flat or low-sloped roofs and $10,000 for steep-sloped roofs).

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