Hazelnut Farm: “Barn Meets Ballroom”

Probably one of our favorite insulation projects yet, Hazelnut Farm Wedding and Event Venue was a whirlwind gig: insulating almost 20,000 square feet while working against a hard deadline…their first wedding!

Nerves on the property’s owners are clearly made of steel! They had to oversee the entire design build (with a deadline in mind!) while we were anxious over our small part. But wait until you see the final product! You’ll agree it was all worth it and a HUGE “congratulations” is in order.

We were responsible for a full envelope Open Cell insulation application. This included sealing all exterior walls and the underside of the roof deck (approx. 20,000 sq.ft.)

The details:

-Our crews masked walls, floors, doors and misc. equipment to eliminate overspray.

-Sprayed 8.5” Open Cell Foam to underside of roof deck.

-Sprayed 4.5” Open Cell to seal and insulate exterior walls and gable end walls.

-Cleaned-up and removed all insulation trash and debris.

In simple terms, we provided the owners with exceptional insulation value (R-18 on the wall and R-32 on the rood deck) for a completely climate controlled barn!

Why spray foam? Spray foam insulation is so versatile, but this particular project really just displays it’s most basic capabilities.

Of course, the venue wants to host events all year long…and that’s a breeze for spray foam and it’s high R-value capabilities. Open-cell foam (seen above) is the most cost-effective insulation option for spaces that will remain “unseen:” covered by drywall or in an attic, for example. That’s why it can be sprayed quickly and somewhat “rougher.”

For areas left exposed–requiring a more uniform/”neat” appearance–closed-cell foam would be a better product; it’s reaction or “rise” time is much slower, thus can be controlled more easily and sprayed much smoother.

In late August, we returned to Eastwood, KY for the event venue’s *official* opening + ribbon cutting. Take a look at some of the photos below.

Stunning focal point of the room!
“Barn Meets Ballroom”
Insulation behind those walls!
Sitting area
Bridal Suite
Groom’s Suite
Beautiful floral arrangements throughout
You can rent the home + pool, too!
What a fun idea!
Thoughtful details + vendors
At the end of the day

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Are you looking at hosting an event or wedding soon? Hazelnut Farm is a great option! You can get more information and browse their photos by visiting any of their social media sites:


OR! Visit them in person at 816 Eastwood Fisherville Road, Louisville 40023.

Better yet, do you have an insulation project you’re thinking about? If so, we can take a look! Estimates are always free!

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