Andriots Paint, Flooring & Blinds

Family owned and operated since 1978, Andriots is a staple in the Shelby County, KY  Community…and they wouldn’t have it any other way! Whether their customers are looking for a color consultation, flooring replacement or window treatment installation, they are sure to receive Andriots’ expert service with “hometown charm.”

The company recently moved their headquarters from Main Street in downtown Shelbyville just a few miles down the road to the city’s “old bowling alley.” 

They spearheaded a complete renovation of the building at 1857 Midland Trail (thank goodness they know good paint and flooring people!) and, in no time, gave the building a fresh look!

Spray-Tec was honored to be among the contractors involved in this project! Not only have we called Shelbyville “home” for almost 30 years, and worked with Andriots for most of that time, but our crews installed the large spray foam roof on the building almost 20 years ago! (That roof is still performing as it should!)

Our task this time around was to tear off and replace two small roof sections on the front of the building (approximately 3,400 sq.ft.). Both sections had saturated roof decks due to years of untreated leaks and concurring damage. Our scope of work included:

  • Tear-off existing Gravel Built-Up roof systems down to metal decking.
  • Reinforce/Replace deteriorated metal decking where necessary.
  • Fasten iso board over metal decking.  
  • Spray roofing foam over newly installed ISO board.
  • Spray base coat of High-Solids Silicone.
  • Spray top coat of High-Solids Silicone. 
  • Broadcast ceramic granules into wet top coat. 
  • Install new gutters and downspouts.

We completed the project in 7 days — maintaining the customer’s timeline and working with the other contractors involved in the building’s renovation. Of course, we were delighted to see the customers pleased with the end result! 

For more information about Andriot’s wide range of quality products and services, check out their website or visit them in Shelbyville!

Do you have a leaking roof in need of repair or replacement? See how we can help you! 

Call or message us for a free estimate 502.633.5499 

Andriots Paint, Flooring and Blinds


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