Following the spirit of an already outstanding renovation, the outdoor event space at The Galt House Hotel recently received a facelift.

In an effort to meet demand for an event location overlooking the Ohio River and much of downtown Louisville, the space will be leased for wedding and event rentals and used to enhance overall guest experience.

We were able to apply a durable, waterproof surface to replace the outdated/worn green carpet on the deck. To accomodate high traffic volume, we used a Urethane Coating System.


  • Removed all existing green outdoor carpet and disposed of properly.
  • Grinded concrete deck to remove adhesive and create proper profile for new coating system.
  • Patched all spalling concrete.
  • Installed 2 part epoxy primer over newly prepared concrete to seal and enhance adhesion.
  • Sealed all control joints and minor damage with urethane sealant.
  • Flashed all penetrations with urethane sealant.
  • Installed 1st base coat of urethane coating over the newly primed concrete deck.
  • Installed 2nd base coat of urethane coating over existing urethane coating system.
  • Installed intermediate coat of urethane coating over the base coat(s).
  • Broadcasted walnut shell aggregate into wet intermediate coat.
  • Installed top-coat of urethane coating over the intermediate coat/aggregate.
  • 5,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Louisville, KY

  • Urethane Coating Over Concrete Deck

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • Gaco | Firestone Floor Coatings