How Much Will a New Roof Cost?

Google gets this questions all the time. And almost every article you read will tell you the same thing: a lot! There are many factors that go into determining the price of a roof and unfortunately, it’s just one of the “necessary evils” of owning a building. But Spray-Tec wants to make it less of a headache. We strive to provides excellent products and services to make roofing a painless experience for everyone.

In this post, we’ll break down what a roofing project includes and some of the general costs you can expect with it.

We have many services for your roof, all at different price points. Regardless of what you need, you have options! We like to think we’re your “one stop shop” when it comes to best value roofing.

Before anything, we need to schedule an inspection. We can’t tell you what your roof needs if we’ve never seen it! A lot of times people call us and ask for a quote over the phone. To which we kindly say, “We’re ‘ballpark’ people.” Meaning, we can’t give you an honest price before we do our due diligence with a full inspection.

Thankfully, our inspections/estimates are FREE!

After an inspection, we’ll likely find that your roof’s need’s fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Repairs and maintenance. You’re not in the market for a full roof–maybe you just got a new one–but you need minor repairs or annual maintenance. We have affordable repair and preventative maintenance services that extend the life of your roof and help you stay compliant with your warranty. Learn more about our repair services HERE.
  2. Installation. New construction or complete re-roofs fall under this category. We apply coated foam roof systems to commercial buildings of every size in Kentucky and the surrounding states. Of course, new roofs are the most expensive of all of these options, but our Spray-Tec Roof Systems have the lowest lifecycle cost of any roof product on the market. More money upfront, but with the 20+ year warranty and energy savings starting year 1, you’ll begin to pay back your investment within a few short years.
  3. Restoration. The specialty! We can save building owners a lot of money with our Spray-Tec Roof Restoration Services. Spray foam and coatings systems were made to restore existing roofs–whether that be metal, membrane or spray foam (spray foam is a renewable roof system). Usually, without tear-off, we can spray directly over your current roof, leaving you with a leak-free, energy efficient, and warranted full roof system that looks better than your previous one. Read more about that option HERE.
  4. Inspections and cleaning.  Not a huge hit to the bank account… in this case your roof is doing well and just needs to be maintained to prevent future– more severe–issues. We have informative videos about maintaining your commercial roof HERE.

If you haven’t noticed yet, commercial roofing is not a one size fits all approach. Many factors can affect a quote for a larger roof project (like numbers 3 & 4). These include:

  • The weather/time of year you want your project to be completed
  • Size and the location of your building
  • Roof access/logistics of moving equipment up to and across a large roof
  • Condition of the existing roof (how much tear-off is necessary, new materials to be laid, etc.)
  • Debris removal costs
  • Material transport costs
  • Type of warranty (10, 15, 20 yr.)

It sounds complicated, but we walk you through the entire process, explaining everything in great detail and answering any questions you may have. As mentioned above, a proper roof inspection is necessary to determine a final price. To schedule one online please click HERE! If you’d like to speak with one of our estimators, they can be reached at 502.633.5499.

Thanks for reading,