A Shot in the Dark? Annual Roof Maintenance stops the impact of bullet holes

Our repair technicians service hundreds of commercial roofs every year. While every roof repair is different, many fall within similar categories/causes of roof leaks. The most common causes include aging and deteriorating roof systems, debris, wildlife, and mechanical damage. However, many of our customers are surprised to hear about a NEW culprit for roof leaks: […]

How Infrared Scans Can Save You Money

WHAT IS AN INFRARED SCAN? Infrared scanning employs the use of a thermal imaging camera to measure a roof’s moisture levels. It reveals underlying damage invisible to the naked eye. A roof infrared moisture scan will pin-point the areas of your roof where moisture is present allowing tremendous cost savings on unnecessary replacement. Scans must be performed […]

How Much Will a New Roof Cost?

Google gets this questions all the time. And almost every article you read will tell you the same thing: a lot! There are many factors that go into determining the price of a roof and unfortunately, it’s just one of the “necessary evils” of owning a building. But Spray-Tec wants to make it less of […]

How to Prepare Your Commercial Building for Spring

It’s spring in Kentucky. We will all get outside and perform those typical spring cleaning “chores” around our homes. But what about our businesses? Commercial buildings also require annual maintenance. This post will offer suggestions to prevent small, inexpensive issues from becoming costly repairs. First, it is recommended that owners set up a visual inspection […]