BUZZWORD ALERT: The Monolithic Seal

If you have followed us on social media or browsed our website for even a short amount of time, you have likely come across one of our favorite buzzwords: “the monolithic seal”. In it’s origin, monolithic describes a structure made of one large, singular stone. To us, it’s one of our roofing system’s most unique […]

Energy Savings are COOL: The Benefits of Cool Roofing Systems

As outside temperatures begin to soar higher and higher, building utilities skyrocket in an effort to meet the demand of cooling commercial spaces and their occupants. In downtown environments, urban heat islands are only exacerbating the issue. Urban heat islands occur “when cities replace natural land cover with dense concentrations of pavement, buildings, and other […]

Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Foam

In this blog post, we wanted to give a brief “answer” to a frequently asked question: What’s the difference between Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam? Let it first be said that ANY spray polyurethane foam, when applied correctly, will eliminate drafts, heat loss, and moisture entry, while providing exceptional energy efficiency. Knowing that, the […]

How to insulate a sunroom

How to insulate a sunroom Under-insulated sunrooms can feel just as cold as a garage when the temperatures drop. Why lose your favorite spot for 3-4 months out of the year? Insulating a sunroom is such a quick process: taking an experienced crew only one day or less! We recommend spraying above the ceiling and […]

Hazelnut Farm: “Barn Meets Ballroom”

Probably one of our favorite insulation projects yet, Hazelnut Farm Wedding and Event Venue was a whirlwind gig: insulating almost 20,000 square feet while working against a hard deadline…their first wedding! Nerves on the property’s owners are clearly made of steel! They had to oversee the entire design build (with a deadline in mind!) while […]

To Restore or Replace?

With the rise of HGTV and as many DIY shows as one can stand, you may have thought about the “Restore or Replace” option with your building’s roof! So we want to help you, presenting the benefits of roof restoration. Keep in mind that some roofs are so saturated with water they must be replaced. An […]