Pegasus Industries

Pegasus Industries | Shelbyville, KY Customer Spotlight – March 2019 For nearly 20 years, Pegasus Industries and Packaging has provided packaging & procurement services and total supply chain solutions to a wide variety of customers. With a customer-centric and specialized team approach, Pegasus Industries and Packaging has become one of the nation’s premier solution providers. (From their […]

How Much Will a New Roof Cost?

Google gets this questions all the time. And almost every article you read will tell you the same thing: a lot! There are many factors that go into determining the price of a roof and unfortunately, it’s just one of the “necessary evils” of owning a building. But Spray-Tec wants to make it less of […]

Who is Chuck?

When you’re in the construction industry, you hear about this guy. All the time. You don’t have to be around very long either before you hear his name being thrown around (although he has multiple aliases). He’s famous. A legend even. But not in the Babe Ruth or Robin Hood kind of way. His name […]

Employee Spotlight: October

We’re spotlightin’ an awesome guy this month! Rene has been with Spray-Tec for 3 years and we are so lucky to have him! He brings such a positive energy to our team. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about him! Name: Rene Alarcon Garcia Nickname: Gallo Position: Assistant Crew Leader/Trailer Technician Hometown: Veracruz, […]

Roof-Top Ductwork Insulation

Fast Facts: 2,300 sq. ft. Remove existing duct work insulation Spray primer before installing foam to ensure adhesion Spray silicone coating over new foam 10 year warranty Benefits: maximum efficiency and increased lifespan of AC units

To Restore or Replace?

With the rise of HGTV and as many DIY shows as one can stand, you may have thought about the “Restore or Replace” option with your building’s roof! So we want to help you, presenting the benefits of roof restoration. Keep in mind that some roofs are so saturated with water they must be replaced. An […]

How to Prepare Your Commercial Building for Spring

It’s spring in Kentucky. We will all get outside and perform those typical spring cleaning “chores” around our homes. But what about our businesses? Commercial buildings also require annual maintenance. This post will offer suggestions to prevent small, inexpensive issues from becoming costly repairs. First, it is recommended that owners set up a visual inspection […]


  Each month we *randomly* draw a crew member to answer 10 of our most pressing questions! See what Jacob had to say in this month’s edition of our Employee Spotlight!   1. What are your 3 favorite movies? If I HAD to choose only 3 (an easier task would be 300), I’d choose  Scream, Happy Gilmore, and Caddyshack. […]

Spray-Tec Helps Rockets Baseball Defeat Cold Temperatures

The Shelby County High School Baseball Team found themselves in a predicament this winter: their uninsulated indoor batting cage was so cold it was causing bats to fracture. “It was actually colder inside the building than it was outside,” Coach Daniel Bentley said. Heating the facility with an electric heater is prohibited and the team’s budget […]

Protecting Your Investment

I think this job is starting to mess with my head! Every time I look at buildings… I see only their roofs. I think about whether or not those roofs leak. And if they do leak, what or WHO are they leaking on? I feel too young for this! But think about it: what would a leak mean for […]