BUZZWORD ALERT: The Monolithic Seal

If you have followed us on social media or browsed our website for even a short amount of time, you have likely come across one of our favorite buzzwords: “the monolithic seal”. In it’s origin, monolithic describes a structure made of one large, singular stone. To us, it’s one of our roofing system’s most unique […]

Energy Savings are COOL: The Benefits of Cool Roofing Systems

As outside temperatures begin to soar higher and higher, building utilities skyrocket in an effort to meet the demand of cooling commercial spaces and their occupants. In downtown environments, urban heat islands are only exacerbating the issue. Urban heat islands occur “when cities replace natural land cover with dense concentrations of pavement, buildings, and other […]

A Shot in the Dark? Annual Roof Maintenance stops the impact of bullet holes

Our repair technicians service hundreds of commercial roofs every year. While every roof repair is different, many fall within similar categories/causes of roof leaks. The most common causes include aging and deteriorating roof systems, debris, wildlife, and mechanical damage. However, many of our customers are surprised to hear about a NEW culprit for roof leaks: […]

Roof Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

If you own or manage commercial property, you likely have a long list of routine maintenance items to manage, like this checklist here. Roof maintenance is usually at the bottom of lists like these! By the time you or your Maintenance Department can get around to a roof inspection, it’s either too cold, too hot […]

Spray-Tec, Inc. Certified WBE

For Immediate Release May 5, 2020 Spray-Tec, Inc. Certified Women’s Business Enterprise [Shelbyville,KY]—May 5, 2020—Spray-Tec, Inc., a business specializing in Spray Foam Applications for Commercial Roofing and Insulation, is proud to announce national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council Ohio River Valley, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s […]

Valley Gutter Repair | Metal Roof

PROBLEM = SOLUTION = Leaking valley gutter on metal roof. Spray polyurethane foam and coating to seal and facilitate drainage in valley gutter. PROJECT PHOTOS WHAT WE DID: Tore out existing EPDM membrane patches inside internal valley gutters. Pressure-washed valley gutters and tie-in areas to remove all loose dirt and debris.   Grind/wire-brushed applicable fasteners […]