If your roof has leaks or you just want to prevent them, we can help! Our services include everything from minor patches to full roof replacement.

Severe roof problems can accumulate over several years. One bad forecast can leave your roof in really bad shape. Our repair technicians are on call 24/7  to serve customers when bad weather hits. Our repairs not only include fixing leaks, but also inspecting potential trouble spots and preventing future ones. We document and report our findings for you in a comprehensive assessment that will lay out future preventative measures.

If you’re not having problems with your roof, but would like to increase it’s life, then consider our Preventative Maintenance program. A bi-annual roof inspection can save you thousands of dollars every year. Our team can help protect your facility and inventory from weather damage–no matter what season. Spray-Tec’s preventative maintenance division will:

– Clean drains, scuppers, gutters and downspouts.
– Inspect and repair flashings (wall, curb, vent and stack) and sheet metal (coping and edge metal).
– Verify and address masonry issues.
– Provide comprehensive reports and detailed estimates for larger repairs and roof restorations.

We locate the cause of water/air entry and prevent it from further damaging your building, saving you money. Call one of our trained technicians today for your complimentary inspection!

If this looks like your roof's problem, give us a call!

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