Rebates are now available for property owners who install cool roofs. This is an effort to reduce cities’ urban heat island effects: where temperatures in urban areas are much higher than rural areas. Cool roofs use lighter roofing materials (such as spray foam and coating) that can reduce a roof’s temperature by more than 50 degrees.

Fluid-applied elastomeric coatings can be applied over most roofs. This protective coating system-light in color – helps reflect sunlight and makes the roof cooler while providing a watertight seal. Most coated roof systems pay back the cost of the roof in energy savings alone within a few years.

Some of the benefits of these systems include:

  • Are applied over metal, built up and membrane roofs.
  • Produce high reflectivity.
  • Create a leak-free roof system.
  • Maintain low life cycle costs.
  • Have indefinite lifespans when properly maintained.
  • Have high insulation value.
  • Provide rapid payback in energy savings.
  • Offer weather resistance.
  • Are Energy Star & Cool Roof Rating Council approved.

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Cool Roof Energy Savings

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The application for the Louisville Cool Roof Rebate