Coated foam roofing systems are spray-applied, seamless barriers of polyurethane foam insulation that are covered with layers of specialized coating and embedded with ceramic granules.

Spray polyurethane foam can be used in new construction or to restore existing roofs. It can be applied directly over various substrates, including:

  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Concrete, wood and metal decks
  • Shingles

A coated foam system conforms to unusual shapes and structures, forming seamless flashings with unmatched performance. It is the most energy efficient option available on the market, offering the highest R-value.

Sustainability, longevity and renewability are the system’s greatest assets, all leading to the lowest life cycle cost of competing roof systems. The initial roof system installation can be covered by a 10,15, or 20-year renewable warranty.

Spray-Tec installs a wide range of high-performance roofing systems that will keep your building dry and leak-free. For more information about coated foam roofing, please give us a call!